MODUS - Tantsustuudio

MODUS Dance Studio

MODUS is a dance studio where everyone is welcome to enrich his/her lives with dance - children and adults, men and women, beginners and masters.

Swing Dance is a trademark of MODUS - since 1993 we teach different swing dances: Lindy Hop, Charleston, Shag, Balboa, as well as Solo Swing. We run a Swing Dance Club on monthly basis.

Tap dance is offered since 1997.

Workout as a basis of any motion has always been a priority at MODUS - gymnastics for men and women, stretching classes for personal wellfare. Acrobatics was introduced the last season.

Folk dance classes follow Estonia’s Dance Celebration schedule. Currently we have 4 groups preparing for XX Dance Celebration.

SETOLOOD culture club gives an opportunity to get familiar with a rare seto language and culture.

Garmon playing classes  is offered since autumn 2018.

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